An Ordinary Asset

Husband.    Father.    Gamer.    Spy.

Asset_TEASER_slant_BWAn Ordinary Asset tells the story of a troubled Canadian Forces officer who commits treason and how the fall-out of this crime forces him to confront deeper secrets in his life and his soul. Sparked by his arrest and interrogation by the RCMP, the play follows him down the rabbit hole of his life as a father and his work as a spy. Inspired by real events, An Ordinary Asset is a compelling tale of a man whose personal betrayals and multiple identities exploded into a national crisis and the haunting depiction of a father struggling to keep his family safe amidst a frightening world of secrets.

Written by Stephen Near
Directed by Aaron Joel Craig
Featuring Tyler Brent, Kristi Boulton, Amos Crawley, Michael Kras, Lauren Repei, and Ryan Sero

An Ordinary Asset will be featured as a staged reading as part of the 24th annual Festival of Original Theatre (FOOT): Staging Realities on February 05, 2016 (4:00-5:30) at the Robert Gill Theatre at the University of Toronto. See the SCHEDULE for details.

An Ordinary Asset was first produced in 2014 as a workshop and staged reading in collaboration with Pat the Dog Theatre Creation‘s Piece/Meal program and Theatre Aquarius.


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