Same Boat Theatre will premiere their first production as a company in this year’s Fringe Festival. Previous to this year, all of the company founders collaborated together as part of Reaching Symmetries Theatre and staged productions at the Hamilton Fringe Festival.

In 2013, Aaron, Stephen and Lauren premiered the LARP-themed play Test to both critical acclaim and enthusiasm from Fringe audiences. In 2014, the company co-founders were back at the Fringe with the premier of the short, paranoia-fueled play The Conspiracy of Michael as part of the Gallery mini-Series.

In 2015, Same Boat Theatre was formally created and premiered the politically-charged satire Finding Mr. Right to critical and audience acclaim at the Hamilton Fringe Festival.

Since then, our company has premiered a number of plays and performances. Click on the titles and links below for more information:

The Conspiracy of Michael (What The Fest?)

Test (2018)

Your Own Sons (2018)

Your Own Sons (Fringe)

Two Rooms

Finding Mr. Right

 The Conspiracy of Michael



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