Conspiracy of Michael WTF?!

Near is an elegant writer with a dark, fomenting heart… The Conspiracy of Michael is quivering theatre

-Hamilton Spectator

The Pentagon Papers. The War on Terror. Big Tobacco. NSA. Project Paperclip. CDC. RCMP. HAARP. And the WHO. The Hum driving people crazy. Everything is connected. Everything means something sinister. Just ask Michael. From his one room he can see the truth. His followers like his Youtube channel. If only they would listen. Maybe this time they will…

Wrestling with issues of paranoia, mental health and grief, The Conspiracy of Michael is a new piece of digital theatre for the Hamilton Fringe Festival‘s Stream Out Loud Series and part of What The Fest?!

Written and Performed by Stephen Near
Directed by Aaron Joel Craig
Videography by John Butler

Tuesday, July 21: 7:10 PM
Friday, July 24: 10:10 PM
Sunday, July 26: 7:00 PM



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